Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Being Married Has Changed Me

Mike & I have been married for just over 8 months now. Wow. All I can say is it has been fun!
However, as is the case with all life-changing events, being married has changed me. And that's a little weird. Maybe it's because I was 31 years old when I got married but it's a little unsettling that years long habits can change so quickly. But they have. I have changed.

When I was in junior high I got massively interested in cosmetics. My sister was one year ahead of me in school & she was interested, too. My mom is not much of a cosmetics user. So she enlisted the help of a family friend who was also a BeautiControl sales rep. She came over, evaluated the 'color season' of our complexions, & most of all emphasized with us that less is more. Especially with cosmetics. My mom's less polished version of this admonition was, "Don't paint yourself up like a hussy." For whatever reason that just cracks me up. Who says 'hussy'? Evidently my mother does.

Anyway, back to my point...right from the get-go I loved lip stuff. Lip liner. Lip stick. Lip gloss. Even chapstick, carmex, or vaseline, for pity's sake. Love, love, love the stuff. And for many years I wore them all - individually or even layered - blissfully. Then Mike entered my life. As much as I am a lover of lip stuff, he is a hater. No chapstick for my man! And none for me, either. If I want a kiss, that is. *sigh*
Good-bye lovely lip liner. I will miss you! You have held a firm line for me on many occasions. Your faithfulness will not be forgotten!

Goodbye to Strike A Pose Rose, Surprise!, Mirrored Mauve, Chocolate, & Seismic Rouge Attraction!
*Yes, Seismic Rouge Attraction is actually a lipstick shade - how fun is THAT?
Goodbye to the leaky pinky red lip gloss - you make a mess but I still *heart* you!
My getting ready routine has now become a two-part cosmetics detail. I apply all the goods except for my lips. We get in the car, head to our destination & I dig in my purse. I find some lip stick/lip gloss/chapstick & then get one last kiss. Then I dress my lips. And sigh with contentment. Ahhh...
So I suppose it's not really goodbye. It's just a relocation. Move the lip stuff from the cosmetics basket to the purse (like I need more clutter in there, but oh well). Move the application of lip stuff from in front of the bathroom mirror to the front seat of the car.
I think I must love this man. Because I have changed. *grin with glossy pink lips*


Rebecca said...

I love STRIKE-A-POSE Rose!! I think I currently have 3 tubes!! :)
Having children changed my lipstick routine. I discovered when they were infants, more of my lipstick would end up on their heads than on my lips! I too began putting lipstick on it the van! I love sun visor mirrors! I have just in the past 2 weeks moved all of my lipstick back into the medicine cabinet!!! I think my kids are growing up!!

TwoMuths said...

lipstick?? What is lipstick?? Ha ha - I seldom wear it. I do like glosses, though I'm more of a mascara and eyeliner kind of girl - my lips like to breathe!!! :-) Isn't it great how we are all so different?! I love it!! (BTW, my husband also feels the same way about lipstick/lip stuff.)