Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Is How I Roll

I remember when I lived at home with my parents my mother was constantly scolding me not to use the stove top as additional counter space. That was before my mom got her smooth top range. You can imagine how bad my habits got once I didn't have to worry about toast crumbs in the burners or how to balance everything over the uneven cook top.

Then I moved out. Got a house of my own with my very own kitchen where my very own bad habits could wreak havoc whenever I wanted them to! And since we have very little counter space and a flat top range, I use that bad boy for my stuff all the time. It never stops. That stove top always has something on it. Usually the Brita pitcher. And Mike's lunch box. Occasionally the battery chargers for his drills with the batteries charging.

You're grossed out now, aren't you? Even if I promised to spring clean beforehand you'd find a reason to refuse a dinner invitation, wouldn't you? You're thinking, "What ELSE do they do in their kitchen?"

Anyhoo - Last night as I was assembling a most delicious lasagna (with ricotta, spinach, & mushrooms - lots of mushrooms!) I was again using the cook top to expand my work space. I totally forgot that I used the back burner to cook my noodles. I placed my little bottle of Italian Seasoning within easy reach, right on the edge of the still hot burner. This is the result of my forgetfulness:

It's sad, isn't it? It's just so sad. I love my Italian Seasoning & I enjoy the motion of shaking the little bottle over each luscious lasagna layer. Now the bottle is melted, cracked & sitting in our recycle bin. The Italian Seasoning is in a little container & I'm going to have to figure out how to sprinkle it without a sprinkle top. *sniff* Mean old cook top!


ruth said...

HA! I laughed right out loud reading this story, Mary Ann. I love the way you paint a picture. It's a good lesson to learn with such a harmless outcome, though. It could have been much worse... picture a glass pyrex pan on top of a burner.

TwoMuths said...

Oh, NO! Like Ruth, I giggled. But I hope your burner is okay!! Maybe you will run out of another type of spice and you can wash and reuse the shaker bottle??

Rebecca said...

ROFL!!! Mary Ann you crack me up!!! Although I do the same thing. A beloved cook book from a church I went to as a teenager has about 4 pages with nice electric burner rings scorched into it!! My is airheadedness, not lack of counter space!!