Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ridin' The Wave

No, I'm not talking about the surf at Pipeline Beach on Oahu. I have been there. Several times. but never once on my three trips to Hawaii did I surf. Are you disappointed in me? Maybe I'll give it a go sometime in the future. But seein's how I'm married to a man who doesn't swim, I don't foresee a lot of beach time in my future. Moving on...

This is The Wave

It belongs to my friend, walking buddy & past Indy Mini training partner, Autumn. She is visiting her sister this week so she kindly allowed me to borrow her Wave & dvds so that I could see if I liked it. It is a product from The Firm. If you've ever seen an infomercial late at night or on a Saturday morning, I'm sure you have heard of The Firm - Visible Results In Ten Workouts! I am a Firm Believer (even though I certainly don't look like it!). Their workouts & their Fanny Lifter kick my butt on a regular basis. So of course my curiosity has been piqued about their newest gadget - The Wave.

I'm going to a new level of transparency here on my blog. I actually used the self timer on my camera (& a dining room chair with a stack of books including "Peter Rabbit") to take a picture of myself shredding it on The Wave. I look like a dork with a big smile & my cheesy workout clothes but I thought I would let you see how The Wave works. I am not going to confess how many times I had to take & retake this picture. I really was trying to go for minimal dorkiness.
Here I am:

Basically you rock from side to side a lot. You also can flip The Wave over to it's stable side to use it as a step. Very interesting, huh?

I'm not sure why but I feel like every time I type "The Wave" it must be done in italics.

Anyway, I really like The Wave. Autumn may have to fight me tooth & nail to get it back. I have sore muscles where I forgot I should have muscles. And it's fun doing something new. I really like to be active but I get bored easily. However, my only problem with The Wave is that I have some major balance inadequacies. I seriously did not learn to ride a bike until my dad had worked with me for several summers. And I think I informed you guys just a couple summers ago that I had finally developed enough balance & biking skill to pedal standing up. Watching me attempt yoga poses is incredibly funny. Not just because I am weak & inflexible but because I sometimes literally fall over. So the whole time I am riding The Wave I am just a little bit terrified that I'm gonna do a face plant in the middle of my living room floor. And our floor is hardwood. Ouch.

So far, so good. No face plants. However I am going to do a workout this afternoon. I'll let you know how it goes. *grin*

P.S. - do any of you guys have the dry fit workout clothes? You know the ones that you can't use fabric softener with? I have had a huge problem lately with those clothes being so static-y that I spend my entire workout peeling them off of me, the material crackling the whole time. I have been using a ball of foil in the dryer but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Before I start a fire, please help!


TwoMuths said...

k, the wave looks a little scary to me, too. :-)

I have *heard* that these are awesome. I'm still saving up for them myself, but a pair is on my Christmas list for sure.


There are others, but this is a listing for a pair and at a good price too.

Ironically, the word verification word is "zatic" how funny is that?

Rebecca said...

You are brave!!! But you are an inspiration to exercise! No wonder you look so good!! Love the hair by the way!

Steve n Vickie said...

Looks like fun :D It can't be as tough as a rip stick. I tried out my nephews, and landed right on my tush. Those things take more balance than I have.

Mary Ann said...

Jenny, thanks for the link! I just might have to try those out.
Rebecca, thanks! As you can see, I chickened out with the bangs. I plan to post the whole story later. Did I mention that the way I'm standing on The Wave is the "Horse Stance?" That cracks me up every time!
Vickie, I'm impressed you tried a rip stick. Those things terrify me & I run from them screaming *grin*