Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Help! Opinions Wanted!

I realize that most of the time in order to be polite adults we are required to bite our tongues & keep our opinions to ourselves.
It is time to rescind that rule. I need opinions & what's more, I need your opinions about what I should do.
Tomorrow afternoon I have an important, regular appointment. I'm going to get my 'hair fixed.' That's how I would say it if I was my G-ma. *grin* It's my every six week without fail appointment with DeAnn. We catch up on lives. We tell stories. We laugh. She hides my gray & I love her for it.
It's become very clear to me that it is no longer optional for me to color my hair. Last night I had the sides pulled back so that I could get dinner ready. Mike comes in & grabs me, holds me under the light & says, "Holy cow! When do you get your hair colored again?!" Yep, I am almost to the skunk stripe stage. *SOB!*
Anyway, I'm not going to mess with the color that we have been using. It's lovely b/c it is so very close to my natural color that I don't have a prism going on by week six - the prism of gray, dyed brown hair growing out, & natural brown hair growing in. I used to have all that PLUS highlights. Ick.
Also, this last time DeAnn cut my hair SO PERFECTLY that I was a wash & dry girl for the first time in my hair-tortured existence. I could just blow it dry with a round brush, rub through a little taming serum & breeze out the door. Or I could put more effort (& product) in, use a curling iron & have wavy hair. Or a flat iron & have poker straight hair - yeah, poker straight hair on my usually frizzy head. Who knew? Or I could rub some mousse through it, use a diffuser & have wavy hair. So versatile! So fun! The layers were just so right!
I'm hoping she can do it again. She's good so I'll bet she can! Please pray that she can!

So...the ultimate question is - get your opinions ready! - should I have her cut in bangs?

Are bangs cool? Are bangs dorky? Do I look like an alien with bangs? Do I look like an alien without bangs?

You see why I cannot make this decision on my own?

If I was a super cool blogster I would have photos of myself with & without bangs for you to compare & contrast & make an informed decision.

I am not a super cool blogster. I am a fly by the seat of her pants kind of blogster. Sorry 'bout your informed opinion. It will have to comment on some other blog post.

So let those unfounded opinions fly! Tell me why you love/hate/adore/loathe bangs!


Carrie said...

OK, I totally have no idea if you should get bangs or not . . . but I had to say that this post was so funny and I loved it! :)

My only experience with bangs is that I had them from the time I was little till I was around 17. Then I grew them out and have never looked back. Of course, times have changed and if I had them cut professionally and actually could figure out how to manage them, maybe I would be OK with them now. But I'm too chicken to take that risk. :) However, I think they look great on some people!

Either way, I hope your hair comes out just how you want it!! :) And be sure to post pics if you do take the plunge and get bangs!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for your input, Carrie. And thanks for thinking I'm funny. Seriously, it keeps me awake at night sometimes, planning out funny blog posts. Well, it keeps me awake for maybe a minute or two. And yeah, I got nothing better to think about.
I will totally post pics if I get the bangs whopped. I just wish I knew what to do...

Karen said...

I've a love-hate relationship with bangs! I hate short, blunt ones. Love side-swept ones. Also depends on your face,I suppose. But DeAnn could help you with that!

Mary Kay's website has a sweet feature in which you can upload your mug shot and then play around with different styles. (At least they did a few months ago!)

Good luck!

Mel said...

Bangs don't have to be the 'kindergarten kind' that we remember from days gone by. There are very few hairstyles these days totally without bangs. Meaning, that 'bangs' are even those things that are long enough to tuck behind your ear. It is all in how you wear them. Don't do the 'straight across the forehead, just above the eyebrows' kind. Do the just longer than your eye, sweeping across your forehead kind. That way you can pull them back in a bobby pin if need be or leave them down and 'rock the do'! lol I think you can totally pull them off, but understand your hesitation! Can't wait to see pictures!! (even if the answer is no)

TwoMuths said...

I had some sideswept bangs at a point in my not-so-distant past. They drove me absolutely NUTS. I had to use a bobby pin to keep them out of my face. But I easily am driven crazy. :-) Wish I knew what to tell you...Definitely post pictures!