Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A 'Lil More Pampering!

Monday afternoon after I got off work I headed over to Amoke's house to pick her up. We then headed about an hour away to meet up with Amanda. If you remember from my previous post, Amanda is gonna have a baby any time! We wanted to take her out for a little Girl Time & pampering before sweet baby girl Lauren arrives.
We got there a little early & so we headed into Target to do some looking around. I found some baseball card holder pages for a notebook to reorganize my coupons. Yay!
We met up with Amanda & headed to the nail salon. I had been in a quandary all day trying to decide whether to do hands or feet. It seemed silly to get my toes done b/c I won't be wearing sandals any time soon. So I decided on hands. Then during the course of the day I had two fingertips split from dry skin. Yuck - I'm too germaphobic to let them work on my hands if I had open cuts. But I forgot to take sandals with me. Oh the quandary!
You can tell from the pic below that we all had our toes done. It was LOVELY! I got to soak my feet for an extra long time b/c there were only two nail techs working. They did Amoke' & Amanda's feet first & I just soaked & soaked. Ahhh...
But there was the small problem of putting my socks & shoes back on. Not gonna happen. So I kept the little foamie flip flops on & we went back to Target. I felt a little (ok, a lot) stupid, but what can you do? Ruin a beautiful pedicure? I don't think so! At Target I found a cute pair of real flip flops to buy. Problem solved!
Here are our cute feet! Mine are the blue ones - had to pick something a little zany *grin*

Then we went to Olive Garden. Say it with me people, YUM! There was salad. There were bread sticks. There was Amoke's huge DECAF cappuccino with at least 35 shots of hazelnut syrup :-) And there was soup, and ravioli, & linguine...so, so, so good!

And most of all there was good conversation, sweet friendship, & the anticipation of Amanda's baby girl's arrival. I'm so glad we took the time to get together. Sometimes we let the distance become to much of an obstacle.
I thank God for my friends, that's for sure!

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Rebecca said...

How fun! I have an entire notebook full of baseball card pages that I no longer use. Wish you were closer, I would hand it over! I tried to page-method. It didn't work for me. I went back to the old file box.

Your nails look so cute! Another sign of spring!! Yay!