Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Is Springing!

I am ever hopeful that this warming trend we have seen in the weather this week is here to stay. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the change in seasons. Gotta give Winter the big heave ho!

Signs that Spring Is Springing:

*We had a thunderstorm this morning. Complete with thunder, lightning, wind & rain. Oddly enough, it was a great start to the day. The air felt super-charged. I liked it! At first I thought the thunder was our neighbors 4-wheeler. Yes, we live in town. Yes, we have a neighbor who thinks he does NOT live in town.

*I was able to go for a run outside yesterday. In shorts. It was wonderful. I am sadly out of shape (went about 3 miles, alternating half mile runs with half mile walks) but it was tremendously energizing & empowering. Yes, I like to run b/c somehow it makes me feel powerful. Strong. Things that I am not *grin*

*The birds are singing every morning when I leave for work. I love, love, love bird song.

*I haven't run my little heater at my desk all day today. Granted, it's 67 degrees outside & I wore a sweater to work. It's a little off balance, but I love not having to switch that little heater on!

*I've been able to do some driving with the windows down or the moon roof open. I love having the wind blowing around!

My dad always says that March will either 'come in like a lion & go out like a lamb' or 'come in like a lamb & go out like a lion.' I'm afraid we are headed for the latter. But until the north wind starts to blow more of its icy fury on us, I firmly believe that Spring Is Springing!

My Disclaimer: when the inevitable cold snap happens I will be crushed, plain & simple.

What do you love most about the changing of seasons? What do you most look forward to in the Springtime?


Karen said...

Funny--I was giddy about the singing birds yesterday, too! I love having doors & windows open. Heave ho, Old Man Winter!

ruth said...

I love waking up to birds chirping! I completely identify. The other thing I love is wearing flip flops for the first time. I admit I usually break them out too early, but it's so fun. (From the looks of your piggies from a previous post, they are ready for flip flops too!)

Happy Friday!

Steve n Vickie said...

Spring is my favorite time of year. I love to see bulbs poking there way out of the ground.

Rebecca said...

I smelled a skunk yesterday! Yay! Spring!!