Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, G-pa!

The Big G (aka Grandpa) turned 86 on Tuesday, so this past Saturday the family gathered at M&D's to celebrate. No, we did not crack another coconut. Sorry if you were hoping for another entertaining video.
This is me & Maddie. She is so much fun. Lately she has wanted to be on my lap pretty much the whole time we are together. I can't thank her enough for the hugs, cuddles, & laughs. I have such a fabulous bunch of nieces & nephews. They are seriously delicious.
My sister was sitting across the table & she remarked how much Maddie & I looked alike. Folks tend to say that often b/c we both have dark hair & eyes but Beth hasn't ever said it before. Maddie tends to act like I did when I was her age, too. I think maybe the Lord is playing a practical joke on Beth & Brennan with that. *grin* Brennan is often heard to remark, "Maddie, you're being just like your Aunt Meemee!" And Maddie giggles. I love her giggle. But seriously, she'd better stop looking & acting like me, for her own good! LOL

Here are the G's. At every family birthday gathering we have several traditions. Obviously we enjoy too much good food. And when we open gifts/cards, the cards must be read aloud by the Birthday Boy/Girl. Big G opened a card from Little G (aka Grandma). Before he read it he leaned over & said, "Hi, Babe!" & then planted a moochie on her cheek. I couldn't totally decide if I wanted to giggle or cry over the sweetness. Love.Them.So.Much.
Another tradition is cake. Lots of cake. And candles. I made the cake in this pic. I unwisely decided to keep the leftover icing instead of pitching it which is my usual habit. I hate the waste but I also hate my waist which is comprised mostly of leftover icing. Monday night in a weak moment I had a showdown with that leftover icing. It got pretty ugly before it was over. The peanut butter & graham crackers got dragged into the fray & my self-control went down in flames. I have been doing penance on The Wave.
Anyway, back to the birthday. Isn't this a hilarious pic of Big G winding up for the big candle blow out? He was actually fooling us b/c instead of blowing them out he waved his fingers over them & snuffed them out. Big G should have been a magician. He's super cool.

How do you like his super snazzy new glasses? I think he is about as stylish as I remember him ever being. However, I myself am not stylish so that compliment may not mean very much. Ahem...

Let me just say one more time: Love.Them.So.Much.
Thank you Lord, for my sweet, wonderful family!


Missy said...

aw! happy b-day, gpa abe! mare- your blog is so cute and your writing just gets cleverer and cleverer... must be mike's influence... :)

Rebecca said...

Sweet family times!

Mary Ann said...

Missy! So happy to have you visit my little space here. Miss you, friend!