Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Times With Beth

Last Friday's Ladies' Meeting didn't run too late. It was a fun, relaxing time of conversation & good food. Beth & I had some much needed Girl Talk time with the ladies & when it was time to head out neither one of us was really ready to go home. We had been discussing eyebrow threading with a couple of the ladies. As we were wrapping up our dishes & putting on our jackets Beth suggested we jet to the mall really quick to see if we could get our eyebrows done. Excellent idea!
So that's what we did. It was so nice to get that little bit of pampering & then wander around the mall. We have a new shoe store there that's almost as big as a warehouse. Beth & I wandered up & down every aisle of women's shoes. No hurry. No objective. Lots of good conversation.
I love my sister.
With the huff & fuss of everyday life I find that I really miss Beth. We talk on the phone some & we see each other every time we are at church. It's just super nice to have time with her when we aren't interrupted by husbands or kids. Maybe that sounds selfish, but that's how I feel.
Beth always encourages me. She actually told me that she thinks that I could make a living writing. I'm pretty sure she is the only person on earth who still believes in my dream of someday writing a book. She's great like that.

*Little Note: the pic above wasn't actually taken after we had our eyebrows done; I took this pic the other Saturday at the super fun *free* basketball game that we went to. We were both screamed hoarse by the time I took this pic - good times!

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Rebecca said...

Such a nice time! Love getting my eyebrows done. I don't get it done near as often as I need to! LOL!