Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The ABC's Of Me

Zoe over at A Giraffe in a Scarf wrote a post modeled off of this & I thought, why not?  I can do it, too!  Yes, yes, I am super original in all that I do :-)

A. Age: 33 years old.  This is my Larry Bird year (that was his number when he played for the Boston Celtics).  Somehow that makes me feel like this should be a good year; so far, it has been!

B. Bed Size: Queen. And I tend to sleep in the middle.  Good thing Mike is a cuddler *grin*

C. Chore You Dislike: I'm sure everyone would say cleaning the bathroom so that one will just be understood.  After the bathroom, I dislike washing dishes.  It is so never, never, never, never ending.

D. Dogs: We don't have one *sob*  I really want one *sob* and no matter how hard I cry *sniff* Mike won't let us have one *moan* right now *sigh* because our yard isn't fenced *sob* & I insist on a big dog like a Labradoodle *sniff*

E. Essential Start to Your Day: Gotta get up & send Mike off to work.  I can't imagine starting the day without saying goodbye to him even if it means getting up so early it makes my toenails hurt.
F. Favorite Color: Red!  Blue!  Green! I just like them ALL - except for maybe teal.

G. Gold or Silver: I have both & I like both.  Mike likes all things white gold/silver so that's what my wedding rings are.  That's about all the jewelry I wear anymore.
H. Height: 5 feet 10 inches & yeah, I know that's kind of tall for a girl.

I. Instruments You Play(ed): I play the clarinet.  I have taken lessons for the piano (no natural talent what.so.ever) & I played the alto sax for a while because my G-pa bought me one & said, "You'll learn how to play it."  It wasn't pretty.

J. Job Title:  Certified Nuclear Pharmacy Technician.  Sounds way cooler than it is most days but it is a good job.  I get to play with radioactive drugs & wear a lab coat - not everyone gets to say that!

K. Kids: Yes, Lord willing!  Hopefully two (I'd take more but then again, I've never been pregnant yet)

L. Live: Indiana, USA

M. Mum’s Name: Mary Lee.  Does it get confusing?  Yes, especially when you do the breakdown:
G-ma: Mary Lou
Mom: Mary Lee
Me:  Mary Ann
Aunt: Mary Margaret
Cousin #1: Mary Beth
Cousin #2: Mary Dale

N. Nicknames: Yep.  Mostly Mare or MeeMee.  There were some friends in high school that called me Skippy because someone thought I looked like the character Skippy from "Family Ties".  I don't know what that was about.

O. Overnight Hospital Stays: No!  And I don't ever want anyone to leave me in the hospital overnight by myself for any reason EVER!  Creepy to the max!  No thank you to the overnight hospital stay!

P. Pet Peeves: When something I can't possibly fix doesn't work like it's supposed to - car, plumbing, internet, etc.

Q. Quote from a Movie: I got nothing for you.  I'm not a movie line quoter.

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S. Siblings: One brother & one sister.  I'm the baby.  They are both great.  Love them to bits.

T. Time You Wake Up: Too Stinkin' Early.  Our alarm goes off at 4:50 a.m.  Usually we are up by 4:55 a.m.

U. Underwear: Of course, always, every day & clean ones, too.  I'm not telling you anymore *blush*

V. Veggies You Don’t Like: Brussel Sprouts.  They are AWFUL.  My mother-in-law roasts them with olive oil, salt, pepper, & garlic.  They smell like heaven.  I have often been seduced into trying them.  I hate them every time. 

W. What Makes You Run Late: My DNA.  It doesn't seem to matter how I plan ahead, I usually run late.

X. X-Rays You’ve Had: Chest xrays (several times), ankle (I had tendinitis but they wanted to make sure I didn't have an extra bone in my ankle which is apparently fairly common), & stomach (they make you swallow a barium drink; it's ghastly & I've had it done twice - YUCK!)

Y. Yummy Food You Make: I made some fairly wonderful peanut butter chip peanut butter cookies last night.  Tonight I'm going to try making Kale chips - gotta balance things out, one bad food, one good food!
Z. Zoo Animal Favorites: I love to watch Polar Bears.  And I'm a sucker for the dolphin show.
And just for bonus points I'll tell you that I had a Hot Pocket & some yogurt for lunch!

Now you know me well *grin*

Feel free to post on your blog & let me know if you did - I'll come check it out!

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sandy said...

Very funny MaryAnn, I must comment on some of them tho- Least favorite chore, I don't mind the bathroom. I hate folding laundry and I agree dishes are neverending. and the overnight hospital stay really isn't that bad. I've stayed overnight with all the babies(but I guess I wasn't really alone then, huh?) And you should definitly get a dog! A puppy can get you ready for parenthood:)
Love you lots, Sandy