Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weird Fact About Pharm Girl

I have this red pen.  When I first started my job we had a whole box of pens like this.  That was a little over 8 years ago.  The pen in this pic is the last one.  I have been using it for as long as I can remember.  And for a very long bit of that time it has been about to run out of ink.  I can use this pen to do something quick like mark something off of a To Do List or write the date, but that's about it.  The red starts to fade out & I think well, that's it!  The pen is officially done!  But I set it on the corner of my desk instead of throwing it away.  The next time I pick it up it writes again.  Only for something quick though, because the red will start to fade...and so the cycle continues.
I don't know why I just can't pitch it.  It seems so wasteful to get rid of it when it still works (a little bit) but so silly to hold onto it if I can't use it for every task.  I must of caught a little bit of that Depression Era wisdom from The G's.  They would never throw anything away until it was completely used up & if it could be recycled into something practical for another use, they would do that too.
So that's a little confession of weirdness from me on this sunny, blustery, spring-ish Wednesday.  Consider the ice broken - share your own bits of weirdness if you dare!


TwoMuths said...

I collected a set of all the different pens that Northland had printed from the time they started printing pens until I was quite a collection. I only have 1 or 2 left, and I will admit being more upset than I should have been when that first one had to be tossed. *sigh, laughing at myself* But after that first one, the rest didn't matter as much!

Rebecca said...

Somewhere in my desk drawer, I still have the purple pen that I used to take notes while at Northland. I think I purchased this one at the beginning of my Senior year. Somehow it became an extension of my fingers, and I can't bear to throw it out. I have since purchased more purple pens, so that one is retired and resting on its laurels. :)

Mary Ann said...

I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone on this one! How do we get attached to something as everyday & boring as a pen? :-) I don't know, but it's obvious that it happens! Thanks for sharing!