Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Big To Do

This past weekend we all got together to help my parents celebrate a huge milestone - their 40th wedding anniversary.  My dad kept saying things like...I know so-and-so whose kids made a big deal out of their 40th anniversary & didn't wait until their 50th because who knows how long you're going to live?
Ok, Dad.  Subtle hint taken.  Photo shoot & family dinner party planned.  The family photo was WAY overdue.  We hadn't taken a family picture since I was 14.  I had a perm (heaven help me!).  I had big glasses (oh my!).  I had worn a very loud floral print shirt that I had made for 4H that year (forehead smack!).  Mom & I liked it.  No one else did & we'll just say that it doesn't blend well in the pics.  Someday soon I'll have to steal borrow that pic from the top of Mom's piano & scan it in here for laughs.  Believe me, you will laugh.  The perm & the flowers guarantee it!
Anyway, back to the present. Mom dictated that we all just wear something nice casual. Jeans would have to do because my dad (and frankly my husband) don't own any other kinds of pants. Denim is in! And we are grateful, amen.

When we got to the portrait studio it was overrun with babies, toddlers, & little kids.  It was a madhouse.  And I thought we were going to have a family meltdown when we were told we were going to have a 30 minute wait.  Thankfully all the children & adults, ahem, were able to behave the entire wait time.  It was amazing how fast she took the pics once we got started.  They did all sorts of groupings & shots & here are a few of the best.

The Original Five

My brother Andy & his family - wife Valerie, Whitney & Aidan

My sister Beth & her family - husband Brennan, Caleb & Madison

I think this is a good pic of Mike & I liked that she actually let me be in front of him.  They never want me to do that because I'm taller but I don't want to be hugging his neck in every single picture that we have taken.  I don't like this shot of me because my neck tendons are sticking out.  Isn't that scary looking?  Why do I do that???

The whole crew!
I know that last photo is in dire need of editing but I am completely clueless as to how to do it.  They edited all the photos that were printed for us but they didn't save the edited shots to the disc that they gave us.  Hmmm...

We headed from the portrait studio over to M&D's for a big family dinner.  It was a great time of food, fellowship, old stories, & celebrating my G-pa's birthday, too.  I love those family times best...everyone gathered around the table, no hurry to be anywhere, good food, cozy feelings, & all the wonderful conversation.  Really, are there any better family times than those spent around your parent's or grandparent's dining room table, especially when you have a kid sliding onto your lap before dessert? 
Good stuff.  Amen.

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