Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just A Quick Question

Do you ever do something like this?

We have lots of dishes.  These dishes come in all different sizes & shapes.  I have learned the hard way, the very hard way, that our Pfaltzgraff bowls will fit quite tightly inside of our clear blue bowls.  I'm not going to admit to you how many times I have got these guys stuck together in the midst of my dish washing chaos.  When I took this particular picture, Mike was sick as a dog with the stomach flu.  I could NOT get these guys apart.  And I just felt bad needing Mike to do it.  So I left them sitting on the stove top, just like this, for days.  When Mike was feeling better one of the first things he did was notice them & peel them apart for me.  I'm happy to say that I haven't made this same mistake since.  I've made lots of other mistakes for sure, just not this one!


Beth said...

We have done this! There's a little bowl that has gotten stuck twice in a particular white bowl that we have. We tried putting them in the freezer. We tried putting them in the oven. We tried butter and oil and soap. no good. The only thing that worked in the end was to turn the big one upside down and beat it on the counter top hard enough to break it (we thought)! It worked and there was no breaking!

Mary Ann said...

It takes a lot of nerve to go smacking a bowl on the countertop, doesn't it? I am way too chicken. Mike can actually twist these two apart but he really doesn't want to do it again :-)