Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm on day five of a pretty vicious cold.  I've had the sore throat days, the I-need-to-sneeze-every-three-minutes days, & today I started the runny nose/cough up a lung days.  It ain't pretty.

I couldn't sleep last night partly because I drank like 8 gallons of water yesterday trying to soothe myself.  Drinking 8 gallons of water does not make for a restful night.  That's all I'm going to say.  So when Mike left for work this morning I was so disgusted with my sleep issues that I didn't snuggle back into bed.  I stayed awake & read my Bible & had a decent amount of time to get ready for work (which was a good thing because I was not moving too fast, let me tell you).  I even had time to put on lipstick.  And then I was 15 minutes late because there was a train.  *sigh*  Those of you who are familiar with my town are probably chuckling as you read this. 

In my snotty sleep deprived state of mind this morning I had no inspiration as I tried to put something together to have for lunch today.  I gathered a few things up, threw them in my bag & headed out the door.  As I sat down to lunch a few minutes ago I was halfway through my repast when I realized what a weird conglomeration of food I had put together.

That empty wrapper once contained a stick of string cheese.  And then we have baby carrots, leftover peas, yogurt & homemade apple sauce (made from the recipe Alicia passed on to me; I posted it here and it is YUM-E!).  Hmmm...I guess we have veggies & fruit & dairy for protein.  Individually they all taste good but together as a meal?  A little weird.  That's how I tend to decorate the house, too.  Lots of great individual elements but when you look at the whole picture?  A little weird.  Mike has to help me with that.  Too bad he couldn't help me pack my lunch!

The truly weirdest thought I had about my lunch (no kidding, I do think this way I'm sorry to say)...with the exception of the carrots, all of this food could totally be eaten by someone who didn't have teeth.

Obviously I'm ready for the weekend.  Are you?  *grin*

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Rebecca said...

Sorry you are so miserable. Hope you got some good rest and are feeling better.