Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring! Flowers! Warm Breezes!

First of all, let me say Happy Spring to you, one & all!  It's amazing how the warmer weather & the budding plant life can lift my spirits.  Isn't this a pretty daffodil?  One of the little guys at church handed it to me yesterday morning as we were walking in to Sunday School.  It really made my day!

I have several confessions for you today...

  • We ate at White Castle this weekend.  I finally gave in & agreed to go there when Mike asked if it was a viable option for dinner.  And the shameful thing?  I actually liked it.  A lot.  Who knew?
  • We went furniture looking/shopping this weekend.  We have been discussing this for a very long time.  Our living room desperately needs more seating.  We are looking for a smallish accent chair.  Mike also is less than enamored with the big area rug I purchased for the living room before we were married.  Now that I've had it for a couple of years I don't like it so much either.  We also are looking for a couple of dining table chairs (the padded leather ones with no arms).  Our furniture shopping may or may not have taken 5-6 hours, included 3-4 cross town trips, two drive thru stops, three stops at the same furniture store where we saw two of my past coworkers & three people we went to high school with (yes, I'm embarrassed to say we did do a little bit of ducking & hiding), & only one purchase - a new rug.  Which we won't be using until the bookcases are completely done & the mud in our tree row has dried up a bit.  Two days later I'm still exhausted *grin*
  • I got trussed up with the Holder Monitor again this morning.  The test from last week had too many 'artifacts' on it to be interpreted.  I have no idea what an 'artifact' might be but I'm guessing it is some sort of interference that covers the recording of the heart beat.  Anyway, when she was hooking me up today she asked if I had rubbed or pressed on any of the contacts the first time.  I said I hadn't & I would be sure to avoid it this time.  While I was driving back to work I realized that the seat belt went straight across the contact that is on my upper chest.  Last week while I was wearing the monitor I had to make an out of town delivery for work.  I'm thinking that was about 3 1/2 hours of direct pressure from the seat belt on that one contact.  Perhaps that is where the 'artifacts' came from?  Anyway, I'm a little peeved that I have to redo it.  But I keep reminding myself that it could be worse - at least I'm not redoing a Colonoscopy or a Barium Swallow Test.  Ugh & double ugh to those two!
  • I had totally forgotten how many Girl Scout cookies we ordered & I'm thinking that about 5 boxes will get delivered to our house this week.  This is supremely bad news for my self control.
  • I would really like to leave work this very minute, drive home, grab a big blanket, run out to the yard, & lay in the sunshine until the sun sets. 
I hope you all are having a happy Monday & a great start to Spring 2011!

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Alicia said...

What a lovely daffodil! The crocuses are just starting to bloom out here.

We had a GREAT springy day. Took the kids to the zoo and it was sunny and lovely. I could get used to this! :)

Ugh, ugh, ugh on the furniture shopping. Boo.

What's with the monitoring thing?