Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Friday

Recently I found a fabulous coupon for the Gap on line.  If you spent $50 you got $25 off.  I'm a sucker for that kind of deal so I signed Mike & myself both up.  We received text messages on our phones that had a code we had to show to the cashier.  Pretty handy.  And Mike let me use his - double whammy!
I'm a fan of the Gap because a lot of their clothes have really simple, clean lines.  And they have a lot of solid color shirts/sweaters/blouses.  I'm a sucker for solids.  And they have lots of T's.  I'm a sucker for T's.  I'm not really up to date with what's fashionable but after a long search I did find a shirt & sweater combo.
  I love this shirt because the material is light & flowy.  The cut of the shirt is relaxed but not sloppy.  And the color is really hard to describe.  I loved it out in the store - it was kind of a muddy lavender.  Then I took it in the fitting room & I thought it was brown.  Weird but lovely.
 I paired it up with this sweater.  Again, it has a relaxed shape, kind of ballet inspired, but it's not sloppy looking.  It has a single hook & eye closure in the center which I really like.  The open cardigans that are popular now are pretty, but not practical for me because of how I layer a lab coat over my clothes every day.  Anyway, this sweater looked almost tan in the store but then very greenish in the fitting room.  I went back & forth & forth & back trying to decide if I liked the color.
When I put the two together, I thought they looked great.  But since they had such a strange color change property I had to ask the sales lady what she thought.  She said I had picked winners!  It seems like these earthy tones are going to be popular this season.  Who knew I'd be so stylish? *grin*
Although it was more than I usually spend on clothes I feel like I got a pretty good deal because of the coupons.  Have you scored any good deals lately?

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