Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Experiment

I've taken another step into unknown territory in the produce aisle.  I grabbed a bunch of kale the other day.  I have read all sorts of buzz online about how you can make kale chips.  The process seemed very simple & to have a bad for you food replaced by a super good for you low calorie option seemed like a win-win.
The process is very simple.  Cut the tough stem out of the kale.  Break it into close to bite sized pieces, wash it, then spin it until it is really dry.  Then you toss it with a tablespoon or two of olive oil, lay it out on a baking sheet & bake at around 300-325 for 25-35 minutes until it gets good & crispy.  Take it out, sprinkle some sea salt on & let them cool.

I actually really liked the kale chips.  Mike wasn't really a fan.  They are good but I don't think it's reasonable to say that now that I've had them I'll never want another potato chip.  They have also caused me a bit of a problem *burp* so I may not *burp* be making them again anytime soon *burp*

Have you tried any new to you foods lately?

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TwoMuths said...

ha ha! Yes, kale chips do have that tendency! :-) it's a little better if you eat something else with them! I like to put garlic powder and salt in at the same time I oil up the leaves - and I give the whole thing a good massage. But yes, *burp* it does cause a little *burp* issue later.