Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Makes Me Chuckle

In case you can't tell what this is a picture of, let me explain.  This is a shot of our bathroom floor.  You can see the corner of the hamper, our scales, & a huge chuck of peanut butter cookie.  Just because, we are not going to be curious about why there would be a cookie crumb on the bathroom floor.  Instead, let us contemplate the irony of the fact that a cookie crumb would land right next to the scales. 
Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?

Now for a brain teaser...when I first started this post I entitled it "Irony" & I had a definition (an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected) written above the picture.  The more I read about the true definition of irony, I just wasn't sure this was a proper usage of the term.  Any thoughts from you brainaics out there?

And just because I'm totally insecure & will not be able to sleep tonight because I am worried you will be thinking we are totally gross, let me explain a little more.  Our home is older & is built with a traffic pattern that allows you to walk through the house in a circle.  The bathroom has two doors & that end of the room is more like a hallway.  The facilities are at the other end.  Both doors are usually open & we walk through there from the bedroom to the kitchen quite often.  The spot where the cookie crumb was found was in this hallway like area of the bathroom.  Honestly & I promise you, we are not yucky *nervous grin*

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Rebecca said...

Incongruous is the word whose definition matches the picture. But who really knows what that means? We all know the "street" definition of irony and understood exactly what you meant!! Yes, you are right, it is funny! No, I don't think you are yucky. ;)