Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Hopeful!

Even though the mornings are still so cold I have been wearing my coat to work & scraping the frost off of my windshield, the signs of spring are popping out all over the place!

Friday morning I was able to turn the porch light off when I left for work.  That's because there was a whole lot of this in the eastern sky:

With the advent of Daylight Savings Time I will be plunged back into darkness on my way to work, but I did enjoy it the whole week I had it!

Several day earlier as I got to work, pulling into the driveway like maniac because I am running late as usual, I almost crashed into a beautiful couple of mourning doves.  These are just about my favorite birds.  They usually seem to be in pairs which makes me naively think they mate for life!  And I love the sound of their call, even if it is mournful.  Anyway, I about scared those two doves half to death (& myself as well!).  They flew up & out of the way but one of them hit the window in our lab, scaring my boss half to death.  The noise startled him but he is also a little crazy phobic about birds.  Something about a Hitchcock movie he watched when he was a kid...anyway, doves don't stay around here for the cold nasty weather.  Finding them at work is a definite sign of spring!

And then we have the indisputable sign of the crocus shooting up.  I love these little flowers.  We don't have any at our house but my parents & my sister have them.  Actually, the only thing we have growing in our flower beds right now is wild onions & grass.  Yep, I have bald spots in my lawn & grass growing in my flower beds.  Don't be like me.

What signs of spring are you seeing out & about?  It's super premature but I'd love to ditch my sweaters & sweatshirts, tights & boots to the back of my closet & pull out the tshirts, capris, & flip flops!


Rebecca said...

Yes, doves do mate for life. You are right!
*We have plenty of vultures. Not very pretty or romantic, but they migrate for the winter and come back in the spring.
*Sap buckets hanging on all the maple trees.
*Skunks (well at least their odors)
*I saw the cadbury egg "Easter Bunny Tryouts" commercial on TV.

All these signs point to spring--somebody needs to get the temperature in sync!

Mary Ann said...

Rebecca, your comment about skunks (at least their odors) made me laugh! I was thinking one of the sure but sad signs of spring is all the road kill :-)
We are supposed to have highs in the seventies tomorrow - here's hoping!