Monday, March 7, 2011

A Little Trade Off

Sunday morning I got up and did a little fridgie inventory. 
What I found cause me to forsake this friend:

This coffee pot was one of our best wedding gifts!  I love it!
So I got out this kitchen friend, also another wonderful wedding gift.  My fridgie inventory yielded finds like a little bit of kefir, a little bit of apple juice, a few strawberries, a few blackberries, & a few blueberries.  I threw them in the blender & hit the "pulverize" button.
While my smoothie was pulverizing, I went to the china cabinet & found this beauty. 
I've never used any of these glasses before so I pulled it out & filled it up!
A super yummy way to start my Sunday!
By the way, I have tried these smoothies with some spinach added in. 
 I don't care what anybody says, you can taste the spinach. 
And it tastes all wrong.  Just take my word for it *shudder*


Alicia said...

I totally believe you about the spinach! Ugh.

Mary Ann said...

It was kinda bad. I had to keep adding honey to mask the flavor of the spinach & by the time I had all that extra sweetness in there I didn't feel like the spinach was of much benefit. Here's to smoothies sans spinach!
My name is not Popeye!