Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Feeling Offended...

Yep, the weather today feels like a sharp slap in the face from a cold, cruel hand.  Yesterday I went running in a tank top & wore flip flops to prayer meeting.  In the mere two hours I was at church the transformation started.  At 7 p.m. there was a big tempestuous balmy breeze going on.  It was lovely & definitely felt & smelled like spring.  At 9 p.m. I was running to the car screeching because I was so miserably cold & the balmy breeze had turned into a icy gale.  My toes were quite disgruntled.

*sigh* I'm wearing a wool sweater. My space heater is cranked to high. The sky is low & gray; the icy gale hasn't let up one bit.   There is actually snow spitting around outside my window.

I know that this little weather system is just a minor setback, a temporary situation.  I am not going to let it steal my joy.  I am not going to get grumpy & rant about the cruelty of such quick, total switches in atmosphere.  Secretly I am going to rejoice that Mike won't want to turn on the air conditioner at night again for at least a week!  But I am going to struggle with worry.  Worry for Maggie Magnolia.  Right now our yard is a ten point disaster.  The flower bed has grass & wild onions growing in it.  The tree row is a muddy mess from parking our cars.  The back & side of the house still have scars from the sewer project & the unfinished portion of that project that remains to be tackled sometime very soon, Lord willing.  We have random tulips coming up in all sorts of weird places because they were displaced by the sewer dig.  We have dead flowers from last year that need to be cleaned up.  Get the picture?  Yet in the midst of all that disaster, Maggie Magnolia seems to be thriving.  Perhaps it's because she is planted in the far corner of the yard & away from all the chaos by the house. 

And just look at her!  Every branch is covered with buds.  Last year we had one solitary bloom & it came on very late in the spring.  I wasn't really hoping for much more this year.  Given my track record, I have very low expectations when it comes to plant life that depends on me for its care *grin*  Maggie is coming on with a vengeance this year & I will be heart.broken if all of her beautiful buds get zapped. 

Maybe I'll dig her up & put her in a huge pot.  I can bring her into our living room & set her up next to the pumpkin that I bought last fall that still hasn't gone bad!

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Rebecca said...

Find an old bed sheet. Nights when it is supposed to get cold enough to frost, go toss the sheet over Maggie. This will keep the frost from touching her. Take the sheet off in the morning. We spend quite a few evenings doing this to protect our precious budding plants during this time of year.