Monday, March 28, 2011

Real vs. Digital

In the digital world, angry birds look like this guy
& they catapult themselves at pigs. 
These evil green pigs have stolen the bird's eggs
& plan to make a tasty meal out of them.
The birds cause all sorts of destruction to the
fortresses that the green pigs build.
If you are me, the birds don't always win. 
Sorry about my skill level. 
Believe me, it's not for lack of practice.
 In the real world, I'm not sure what angry birds look like. 
I do know what they do when they attack. 
It sounds like a "Thwack!!!" & it looks like this:
 Mike & I were driving Saturday afternoon. 
The car was reasonably clean.
And then the attack from the angry birds.
 We are talking stem to stern, bumper to bumper coverage.
It happened in a split second.
We were both screaming.
I counted 61 dots of bird doodie.
Can you believe that?
Thank God we weren't riding our bikes!
Be warned: there are some angry (or maybe sick?) birds out there!


Alicia said...

That is crazy!?! Maybe it was the bright red of your car that attracted them . . . looked like a bullseye to little birdie eyes? :)

malia said...

That is hilarious... thanks for the giggle!