Thursday, March 3, 2011

Getting All Organized & Stuff!

Yeah, I'm a nerd.  And I totally embrace it.
The problem is, I can get to be a messy nerd.  I have this compulsion to write things down & make lists.  It's just how my brain functions best.  However, if I'm not really diligent I end up with slips of paper everywhere - in my pockets, in my purse, in my lunch bag, in my car, by my bed, in the get the idea.
For a long time I have relied on some kind of journal, notebook, planner, etc. to try to keep myself under control.  My latest version of this is actually a three ring binder with loose leaf notebook paper in it.  I had found a whole wad of loose leaf paper when I moved to my house & unpacked a bunch of stuff that had been packed away for a long time.  So I've been trying to use it up because I have no school children in my house & because I have this thing against wasting (check this post for confirmation of my weirdness).  I've used this notebook system for quite a while but as you can see from the pics below, it's time for a change.

The notebook works really well but it's rather, er, shall we say, large?  I'm thinking something a bit more portable might be just what I'm looking for.
Also, because it is large & has pockets I can stuff lots of junk in it.  That is not a good thing for someone as organizationally challenged as I.

Do you like my homemade tabs?  Yet another effort to use up paper I found tucked away.  These little tabs are actually heart shaped post-its that don't post-it very well.  So I taped them on & used a bunch!  Do you also see that huge wad of papers stuffed in the back of the notebook?  It's like notebook muffin top - not attractive!
Here's my new brain dump catch-all!  For only $3.57 at the local Wally World I can ditch the big green monster & lighten my load.  And it's pretty!  With it's bright colored cover I immediately started thinking of spring.
Inside it has three main sections which I subdivided with some stick on tabs that came free with a Staples catalog.  I simplified some of my categories & chaged a couple others to come up with a bit of a different format.  I'm very happy with it; simple pleasures people, simple pleasures.

I know that since I have an iphone (old & not used as a phone but still lots of fun) that I should probably use to keep track of my calendar, To Do Lists, & various projects; however, I am NO GOOD at finding apps that are easy to use & are tailored to the needs I have.  If you have any suggestions of what apps would possibly work for me, please leave me a comment & let me know. 

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